About Neuro-Zone

Neuro-Zone offers relevant multiparametric analysis of complex intercellular cross-talk mechanisms for drug discovery projects in the areas of inflammation and ageing-related diseases.
The company aims to create a scientific interconnection with its partners, understanding their biological needs and providing customized solutions, from project layout to operative experimental execution and data analysis.
With a deep cell-based background, several functional pathology-specific platforms and a smart technological approach, Neuro-Zone provides preclinical research supports with a peculiar focus on the analysis of the microenvironment.

Our History

a brief review of our main successes


  • December 2019: Neuro-Zone appoints Dr. Fabrizio Bacchi as Chief Operating Officer.


  • February 2018: Neuro-Zone appoints Dr. Noemi Tonna as Chief Scientific Officer.


  • September 2017: Neuro-Zone invests in Bio4Dreams, the first privately owned Business Accelerator in Life Sciences (Bio4Dreams).


  • July 2016: Neuro-Zone invests in BrainDTech (www.braindtech.com), an innovative startup focused on a revolutionary approach to early diagnosis and treatment monitoring of brain diseases.


  • In March 2015: Neuro-Zone opens its new headquarter in OpenZone, Bresso (MI).
  • In July 2015: Neuro-Zone becomes member of Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation’s “ADDF ACCESS” Program.


  • In June 2014: Dr. Fabio Bianco and Sanipedia srl acquire the remaining equity shares from other associates.
  • In July 2014: Dr. Pietro Conti is appointed CEO of Neuro-Zone.
  • In August 2014: Dr. Fabio Bianco is appointed President and Chief Scientific Officer of Neuro-Zone.


In October 2013: Neuro-Zone is among the sponsors of the Italian Neuroscience Sociaty Meeting (SINS).


In May 2012: Neuro-Zone is selected by the Italian Government to be among the “Italy for Innovators” companies at the EXPO 2012 in Korea.


  • In June 2011: Neuro-Zone signs Collaborative Research Agreement with ASTAR, Singapore.
  • In July 2011: Neuro-Zone extends its research collaboration agreement with IBM Research – Zurich.


  • In January 2010: Neuro-Zone enters North America market thanks to a distribution agreement with Primorigen Inc.
  • In October 2010: Neuro-Zone is selected to be one of the 100 new companies representing the “genius made in Italy”, within the Innovation Roadshow “Percorsi dell’Innovazione. Dall’Idea al Business”. This is a qualified showcase for highly innovative projects and prototypes, selected to support young enterpreneurs in the trasformation of their ideas into business opportunities.


In January 2009: Neuro-Zone is among the finalists of the European Academic Enterprise Award.


  • In August 2008: Neuro-Zone signs a Joint Study Agreement with IBM Inc. Research Laboratories.
  • In September 2008: Neuro-Zone is ranked 1st in the Province of Milano for Innovative and Creative Enterpreneurship Projects.


  • In February 2007: Neuro-Zone is founded.
  • In July 2007: Neuro-Zone earns Governmental Funding Grant (MIUR Financing for Applied Research Project aimed at new Enterpreneurship)